It is used for ageing or resting the ice-cream mixture. This process consists of keeping the product at a temperature between 1-4ºC for 3-4 hours. This process is beneficial in various ways:
► It allows crystallization of the fat.
► The proteins and added stabilizers have time to absorb water, thus giving the ice-cream a good consistency.
► The mixture will absorb air better when you beat it.
► The mixture or product obtained will be more resistant to melting.
The machine is constructed of 18/8 AISI-304 standard stainless steel throughout and incorporates wheels so that it can be moved easily. The machine has two tanks of 60 litres each, with polycarbonate folding lids and two beaters that are operated by independent gear motors, one for each tank. The gear motors are located at the top of the machine. Each tank has a tap for emptying the product.
It also has a refrigeration circuit, fitted at the bottom of the machine. Ventilation grilles are incorporated into the structure of the machine. The refrigeration of the tanks is produced by means of a glycol bath. This is cooled by the refrigeration circuit which also has a pump for recirculate the glycol.
The machine is provided with three thermostats, one for each tank and one for the glycol bath. These are displayed on the front panel where there are also three control buttons “Stir 1”, “Stir 2”, and “compressor of refrigeration circuit”.
Firstly, fill the tanks with the product to be aged. Then press the start button “stir 1”, and “stir 2”. Then press the “cool” switch to start the refrigeration compressor, and use the thermostat to select the temperature of the glycol. The temperature of product is displayed on the thermostats relating to each tank. When the ageing process is complete, turn the “compressor” switch, press the beaters stop buttons and open the taps to empty the product.

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