Mejisa has, over the course of many years and with the help of its clients, become one of the most important manufacturers of machinery for ice cream manufacture. We offer every type of machine to allow you produce homemade ice creams: crushed ice drinks machines, batch freezers, pasteurization machines, tanks for ageing ice-creams, cont grinder presses, coffee-makers, fruit squeezers... Come in and discover what we can offer you.

Our company specializes in the production of machines for nougat production and processing. Therefore, we offer our clients a wide range of machinery for producing all sorts of nougats and sweets: candy cookers, double-boilers ("boixets"), crusher-blenders (mixers), nougat cutters, burning sugar machines, etc...

It is often necessary to process nuts such as almonds or tiger nuts to obtain different products. In Mejisa, we design and manufacture machinery for processing all type of nuts. These machines include toasters, refining machines, nut crushers and sievers.

If you want to start your own frozen yogurt shop, we are your best choice! We offer several types of machines for producing soft ice-cream with peerless design and reliability. Frozen yogurt shops are in fashion.

Mecánica Jijonenca, S.A. offers a wide variety of display cabinets for ice-cream storage and exhibition. For maximum reliability, materials from the best brands have been used in their manufacture.


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