The machine is designed to mould hard nougat “Turrón de Alicante” (caramelized honey with almonds) when the nougat is hot, thus obtaining cakes or bars with circular, square or rectangular shapes, with a weight that can range from 150 to 400 grams.
The machine is constructed of 18/8 AISI-304 standard stainless steel throughout. It is provided with three feet with rubber buffers, which are adjustable in height. The machine has four moulds made of food grade plastic. These can be circular, square or rectangular, and the measurements of these can be customised according to the purchaser´s needs. At the top of the machine there are four rotating plates. The nougat is pressed against these, thus forming the cakes or bars.
The portion of “turrón” to be moulded is placed inside a moulding vessel in the machine, either manually or by means of a conveyor belt. The movement of the four moulds is rotational and continuous and as they move; the bottom plate rises up against the top rotating plate, thereby compressing and moulding the nougat.
The final thickness of the cake to be obtained can be regulated.
In the final part of the process, the mould is separated from the top rotating plate, and extractor arm ejects the resulting cake from the machine. In this way the mould is ready for another portion of the product.

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