This pump is designed to transfer liquefied (intermediate stage obtained in the mixer) soft nougat (“turrón de Jijona”) to storage tanks.
It can also be used with any other product with similar characteristics.
Only the best quality materials from internationally reputed brands have been used in the manufacture of this pump in order to achieve maximum reliability. The machine is constructed of AISI-304 standard stainless steel throughout. It also incorporates wheels so that it can be easily moved.
To use the pump, follow the following sequence of steps:
1. Set the main switch to the ON position. The filling valve will open and the green indicator light indicating “valve opened” in the control panel will turn on.
2. The pump is ready to start a work cycle. The operator will discharge the liquefied nougat until the reservoir is filled.
3. In the following step, the operator actuates the discharge switch on the control panel. The filling valve closes and the pressurised air flows into the reservoir. The pressure increases and pushes the nougat towards the outlet conduit.
4. Once the nougat is out of the reservoir, the pressure decreases. Consequently, the air inlet flow stops and activates the vent valve in order to depressurise the reservoir. Once the security time has expired, the inlet valve opens and the pump is ready for another cycle.

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