This machine is designed to produce nougat bars from moulded blocks of Jijona (soft), “yema” (almond and egg yolk soft nougat) and “nieve” (marzipan-like) nougat, etc.
The machine is constructed of 18/8 AISI-304 standard stainless steel throughout. It works only with compressed air.
This is a semi-automatic machine. An operator places the nougat block on the tray and then activates the two advance buttons simultaneously. The pneumatic cylinder starts pushing the tray, which forces the block to pass through the metal bands or wires (depending on the product) and produces the block of bars. Finally, the operator collects the bars from the tray, and pushes the reverse button, which sets the machine back to its original state, ready to perform another cycle.
In order to ensure the maximum performance of the machine, one operator will place the blocks and another will collect the bars. The speed of advance and return of the tray can be adjusted.

Horario de 06:00 a 14:15
de Lunes a Viernes