It is used for crushing and blending any food product, especially almonds and caramelized honey, which are used to obtain soft nougat “Turrón de Jijona”.
The machine is constructed of 18/8 AISI-304 standard stainless steel throughout, with the exception of the tank, which is made of AISI-316 standard stainless steel. The tank has a false bottom for cooling by water circulation; inside the tank are two double cutting blades and a scraper blade. The blades are constructed of AISI-420 and are operated by a two-speed motor (1500-3000r.p.m.). At the top of the tank there is a gear motor that operates a mixing blade. This mixing blade rotates in the opposite direction to the cutting blades, thus scraping the nougat paste adhering to the tank walls towards the cutting blades. The machine is provided with three feet with rubber buffers, which are adjustable in height.
The liquefying takes place in the tank. The product is completely crushed and liquefied by the rotation of the blades. On the control panel there are timers to regulate the running time at each speed (slow and fast). In normal use, the slower setting is used for most of the process, with the higher speed employed only at the end to thin the nougat paste. The tank is cooled to prevent the temperature of the nougat paste from rising and this avoids the complete dissolution of the tiny pieces of caramelized honey in the nougat paste. If this process were carried out in a mixer, the nougat paste would be hard and dry, so this process must be carried out in a “Double-Boiler”.

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