This machine is designed to obtain the juice and grated zest from fruit such as oranges, lemons and other similar fruit.
The capacity of tank depends on the size of the fruit, up to a maximum of 7 Kg.
The parts in contact with the fruit are constructed of 18/8 AISI-304 standard stainless steel and the base in fiberglass. The machine has a deposit with a cylinder and the revolving plate inside. Both the cylinder and the revolving plate are made of perforated steel which grates the zest of the fruit. The cylinder also contains a squeezer head mounted on a shaft for juicing the fruit. The customer can add water to the cylinder if it is considered necessary, and the cylinder also acts as a filter. This machine is operated by a motor which is located inside the base, where it is protected from any splashes.
Put the fruit to be grated into the tank with a little water, if is necessary. To squeeze the fruit, cut them into two pieces and push them onto the squeezer head, which will extract the juice, pouring it into the tank, which can be emptied by a tap.


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