The machine is designed to make “horchata” or orgeat, a cold drink made of “chufas” (tiger nuts) or almonds. This machine carries out the following processes: grinding, water supply, maceration and subsequent filtering. The machine can work with batches of up to 3kg, and it is not necessary to stop the machine between batches.
The machine is constructed of 18/8 AISI-304 standard stainless steel throughout. The machine can be assembled on four feet with rubber buffers or on four wheels with brakes, so that the machine can be moved easily, or fixed in place while in operation. The most important elements of the machine are:
– A hopper for the tiger nuts or almonds.
– A tap to regulate the in-flow of water.
– An outlet tube for the tiger nut or almond “milk”.
– A gate for emptying the squeezed pulp.
– A tank with an impeller and crusher hammers inside. As this piece rotates the grinding and maceration take place.
– Around the crusher hammers is a four-edged sieve, with holes of differing sizes for working with either tiger nuts or almonds. The rotation of the crusher hammers inside this piece produces the grinding.
Place a container under the spout to collect the tiger nut or almond “milk”. Pour the tiger nuts or almonds into the hopper (max. 3 Kg). Then adjust the flow of water with the tap. Pressing the start button starts the machine. Once the desired amount of tiger nut or almond milk is obtained, close the water tap, remove the container of milk form the outlet pipe and place another to collect the pulp. With the machine turned on, open the gate to expel the squeezed pulp, thereby completing the cycle and readying the machine to restart the process.


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