The machine is designed to refine nougat and other products such as nuts. The maximum fineness possible is achieved up to the point of obtaining almond flour or other nuts. This model has an intermediate size.


Frame and elements in stainless steel 18/8 AISI-304 quality. The machine is equipped with three stainless steel rollers (hardness 510-550 HB), two are adjustable and one is fixed, the rollers have internal cooling to keep the optimal temperature of the rollers stable, four handwheels with analog displays for movement and adjustment of the rollers. The machine is provided with all the necessary electrical and mechanical safety devices for its proper functioning, in accordance with current regulations.


The nougat or the already crushed dried fruit is poured into the hopper, then the opening between the rollers is regulated by means of the handwheels, to obtain the desired fineness and a container is placed at the exit of the machine to collect the product already refined.


A grinding head with toothed rollers can be coupled to the machine, in this way, the nuts are poured into seeds without chopping, eliminating intermediate chopping steps and obtaining flour (maximum fineness) of the product.


The construction company reserves the right to partially or totally modify its measurements or design.


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