This machine is fully electronically operated and is controlled through a 3.2 inches touchscreen, which is the most significant feature in this Slush machine. It has a frequency shifter to modify the mixer speed, according to how much liquid is going to be produced. In addition, users can customize their recipes easily, setting default values of speed and temperature for each product.



The crushed ice drinks machine is designed to make crushed ice drinks from lemonade, orangeade, coffee, “horchata” (tiger nut milk) or any kind of juices.

The process takes between 80 and 95 minutes depending on the temperature of the liquid when it is poured into the tank and the temperature of the room where the machine is installed.


The machine is constructed of 18/8 AISI-304 standard stainless steel throughout. All models incorporate wheels so that they can be moved easily. The scraper blades are made of alimentary grade plastic. They can be disassembled and they are operated by a gear motor, which is assembled at the bottom of the machine.

The compressor is hermetic and is assembled at the bottom of the machine. Ventilation grilles are incorporated into the structure of the machine. Either a water or an air condenser can be installed, according to the customer preferences.


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