Mejisa launches one of its most and long awaited products, a significant step forward for both the most demanding ice-cream sellers and people willing to start off in the fascinating world of ice-creams.

Allowing the production of a quality product in a simpler way is one of the most valuable assets of the vertical batch freezer. Operating the device is easy and intuitive. Temperature, time and the mixer blades’ speed are all controlled through a touch-screen. The possibility of modifying the emulsifier speed allows to prepare different products.

Another one of its main characteristics is the possibility of simply adding to the mix small solid pieces (fruit, nougat, cookies, biscuits, chocolate…) without breaking them, by only introducing them through the gate at the top. It is a see-through gate, so the state of the mix can be controlled permanently.

In addition to ice-creams, the vertical batch freezer H-MV can also make perfect crushed ice drinks. On the front of the machine there is an outlet allowing the product to fall directly into the tray.

It is provided with a cleaning tap that makes the cleaning of the machine easier and more comfortable. In addition, the mixer blades are not screwed, so they can be removed and re-attached easily.

The vertical batch freezer H-MV is one of the most robust, reliable and consistent machines in the market, with the guarantee of Mejisa’s after-sales technical support. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and make a qualitative leap in the manufacturing of ice-creams process.



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