This machine has been designed for the manufacture of all types of nougats and pastry products. It both cooks the sugar, honey, fruit pulp, egg yolks and mixes and kneads pastry, with or without the addition of almonds and other nuts.
The chassis of the machine is constructed of F-111 standard carbon steel with a coat of paint. The pot is constructed of 18/8 AISI-304 standard stainless steel. The machine has the following mechanisms: a gear motor for the mixer blade rotation and two pneumatic cylinders, one to raise and lower the piece with the mixer blade and the other to tilt the pot.
The machine consists of false bottom pot through which steam circulates. The pot has a steam inlet and a condensed steam outlet. The machine has all the necessary control and safety elements required to conform to the current legislation governing Pressure Devices. On the control panel there are two buttons to raise and lower the piece with the mixer blade, a start and stop button to operate the mixer blade, two buttons to tilt the pot, and a control for regulating the mixer blade speed from 90 to 25 r.p.m.

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