The machine is designed to prepare orgeat “horchata” (a sweet drink made of tiger nuts or almonds). It unifies the processes, grinding, water supply, maceration, the pressing of the pulp and filtering. It is possible towork in two modes; continuous mode and stepping mode. The
machine is able to produce 300 litres of “horchata” in 1 hour working in continuous mode.
The machine is constructed of 18/8 AISI-304 standard stainless steel throughout and incorporates wheels so that it can be moved easily. The most important elements of the machine are:
– One add-on hopper, of easy assembly, for extra capacity.
– A flow meter, which counts the liters of water passed by the machine.
– A tank with an impeller with crusher hammers inside. As this piece rotates, the grinding and maceration take place.
– A motor which drives the impeller through a transmission of pulleys and belts.
– A removable filter with a spout through which the tiger nuts or almond “milk” flows.
– A removable hose on the side for easy cleaning.
– A tube with regulating nut which controls the amount of pulp passing through.
– A worm gear in two conical parts, that rotates and pushes the pulp towards the regulating nut, thus squeezing the pulp.
– A gear motor that drives the worm gear.
– A hopper with vibratory tray for the stepped dosage of the fruit on the weighing hopper.
– Two silicone tubes through which the squeezed juice returns to the tank, for its maceration.
The machine can operate in automatic or manual mode
Since the cycles are programmable, it is usually used in automatic mode, and one only has to follow the instructions below:
– Pour the tiger nuts or almonds into the hopper.
– On the PLC screen, select the number of kilograms and proportion needed to make the tiger nut or almond “milk”.
– Press the start button.
– Place a container to collect the tiger nut or almond “milk” and another to collect the pulp.
The manual mode is basically used for cleaning:
– Press the water button.
– Press the extractor start button (pressing worm gear).
In this way the machine will extract any remaining pressed pulp, and so we can dismount the tube and the pressing worm gear for cleaning throughout.
Entonces la máquina termina de extraer la pulpa que haya podido quedar prensada, y de esta manera nos permite el desmontaje del tubo y del sin-fin de prensado, para su limpieza completa.


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