It is used for measuring out and burning (caramelising) sugar on bars of “Turrón de Yema” (a type of sweet similar to marzipan with egg yolks).
The machine is constructed of 18/8 AISI-304 standard stainless steel throughout. It is provided with feet with rubber buffers, which are adjustable in height. It has all the necessary control and safety devices required to conform to the current legislation governing Gas Devices.
The machine has: 2 vibratory hoppers for measuring out sugar, 2 cylinders with theirs gas burners and 4 fans for cooling the conveyor belt.
Once the machine stars and the hoppers are full of sugar, the burners inside the cylinders will light, and when these reach the right temperature, an operator will put the bars onto the conveyor belt one by one. The vibrations of the hoppers can be regulated according to the amount of sugar that you want to dispense on the bar, and also the height of the cylinders can be regulated with respect to the conveyor belt, so that they skim the top of the bars, thus producing the layer of caramelised sugar. At the same time, another operator must be at the other end of the conveyor belt where the bars are collected.

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