The machine is designed to toast almonds and all nuts in general.
The chassis of the machine is a cylindrical body, constructed of F-111 standard carbon steel sheeting
and coated in cream coloured paint. It is provided with:- A sluice with handle for manual opening and closing. It has two arms an adjustable counterweight for easy opening.
– A chimney for the release of gases created during combustion, at the bottom there is an adjustable gate for the admission of air required for combustion.
– A probe to extract samples of the product, to check the degree of toasting.
Located inside the body is a hollow sphere with a door and vents where the almonds and nuts are toasted and one or more circular burners according to the capacity of the sphere.

The sphere is driven by an electric motor by means of a drive belt and gears. All transmissions are properly protected, according to the current safety regulations.

Horario de 06:00 a 14:15
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